Treasure Hunt – Answers

Answers to the Quiz are as follows

1)  There is an RNLI commemorative plaque close to the entrance of the East Pier. How many men were in the lifeboat mentioned on the plaque? Answer 1 = 15 men

2) According to the Geographical Pointer on the East Pier how far away is the Baily Lighthouse? Answer 2 = 5 miles

3) What type of sundial is on the East Pier? Answer 3 = Its a Analemmatric or Human Sundial

4) What was the date of the restoration of the Bandstand and Shelter? Answer 4 = 8th June 2010

5) When was the plaque commemorating the emigrants leaving from the Carlisle Pier placed? Answer 5 = 15 May 2012

6) What year did Boyd attempt to rescue the crew of the Brig Neptune? Answer in numeric digits not Roman numerals!) Answer 6 = 1861

7) When was the granite structure housing the anemometer first built? Answer 7 = 1852

8) What is the latitude and longitude of the anemometer (automatic weather station). Answer 8 = Latitude: 53 18.04  & North  06 07.43 West

9) When did Samuel Beckett win the Nobel Prize for literature? Answer 9 = 1969

10) When you come to the end of the East Pier there are a set of steps just before you enter the Battery* area. How many steps are there? (the set of steps lead from the bottom to the top deck of the pier) Answer 10 = 11 Steps

11) What year was the original fog bell placed? Answer 11 = 1850

12) Who made the bell presently at the end of the East Pier? Answer 12 = Sheridan Dublin

13) What was the water capacity of the well in the East Pier Battery* Answer 13 = 3000 Gallons

14) How many soldiers were housed in the East Pier Battery* Soldiers’ accommodation?  Answer 14 = 24 men