The LNWR’s Scotia

The LNWR’s Scotia to seaward, built in 1902, with possibly the Munster of the City of Dublin Steam Packet astern. This photo can be dated to 1908 as it is around the time a Battle Royale between the City of Dublin and the Railway over rights at Kingstown.

Having failed to win the mail contract the Railway had moved its Kingstown passenger services to Dublin Port in 1861. A row with Dublin Port & Docks over dues saw the LNWR return to Kingstown in 1908, much to the chagrin of the City of Dublin. The Irish company protested by blocking the Carlisle Pier berths with three ships. Fines were issued to the Masters concerned and even short periods in custody were handed out. The political outcry was immense with Sinn Fein calling on the people of Ireland to rally to the support of the City of Dublin by blacking the LNWR ships. The latter prevailed however and was able to secure its rights to run steamers into Kingstown by way of the fact that its predecessor, the Chester & Holyhead Railway, had operated its service to the harbour in the previous century and as such, it had the right to do so again.


Credit: Page 17 of ‘Dun Laoghaire – Holyhead 1826-2015’ by Justin Merrigan