View of King George IV Monument

The King George IV Monument was hugely controversial at the time, not for anything which was on the monument, but rather for the deliberate omission of the real hero of the harbour. The monument carries the names of a king, noblemen, engineers, etc, but does not carry any reference to Richard Toutcher.  The omission caused great distress to Toutcher, as did the award to him of a very insignificant job in the harbour.  He died bitter and bankrupt in 1841.

Toutcher was a Scandinavian ships captain who initiated the campaign for a harbour at DunLeary soon after the 1807 tragedy.  By 1811, he had chosen the site and produced an outline design under the nom-de-plume “A. Seaman”which he showed at a large meeting at Monkstown. His campaign led directly to the various Acts of Parliament authorising the construction.
Credit: National Library of Ireland